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St Joseph Statue For Home Sellers: Burying A St Joseph To Help Sell Your Home

Agents and home Sellers generally enter the home sale process with the hope that things will go smoothly, and that the home will sell quickly to willing and honest Buyers. Burying a St Joseph statue in preparation for formally listing the home for sale is thought to bring good luck (or blessings from St Joseph) with the home selling process is a tradition that pops up a lot in Real Estate transactions.

Read on to learn all about the history of this tradition, as well as our top picks when selecting a St. Joseph statue to bury. Realtors / Agents and home Sellers alike will find this information helpful if they want to give this ritual a try!

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Everything Listing Agents + Home Sellers Need To Know About Using A St Joseph Statue To Bring Good Luck / Blessings In The Sale Of Your Home

Who Is St Joseph?

Most people who have been in the real estate world long enough have heard of Saint Joseph (whether in a religious context or not). He is widely considered the patron saint of Real Estate. He is also one of the most beloved saints in the Catholic church and across Christian denominations. For Christians, Saint Joseph symbolizes faithfulness, kindness, compassion, and trust.

When hoping for a successful and quick home sale, Sellers will sometimes call on Saint Joseph when seeking good fortune in the sale of their home.

The Tradition Of Burying A St Joseph Statue To Help Sell Your Home Quickly

As the tradition goes, the act of burying a St. Joseph statue in the yard is thought to help you sell your house. This practice dates back centuries and has been passed down through generations.

In a nutshell, the practice involves burying a St. Joseph statue (usually upside down near the “for sale” sign in the front yard), using him as an additional power of prayer to help you sell your house quickly. Supposedly, once the statue is buried, if done with faith, it will bring prospective buyers and speed up the sales process.

How To Bury A St Joseph Statue To Sell Your House: Step By Step Instructions

Whether you (or your Seller) is religious or not, burying a St Joseph statue can be a ritual before beginning the formal sale process, to help bring about feelings of goodwill when formally listing a property for sale.

Doing this is fairly simple; and below we have outlined the generally agreed upon steps for burying a St Joseph statue for a home sale.

4 Steps For Burying A St Joseph Statue To Help Sell Your Home

1. Wrap St Joseph to protect him from direct contact with soil.

The act of wrapping St Joseph is meant as a show of respect, to keep him from coming into direct contact with the soil. You can wrap him in a small piece of cloth (most common suggestion), or even place him in a small plastic bag before burying.

2. Determine the location for him, and dig a hole approximately one foot deep.

Most instructions agree that your St Joseph statue should be buried somewhat near the ‘For Sale’ sign, in the front of the house. Alternatively, your he could be buried inside a large planter pot (on the front porch, for example).

3. Position St Joseph correctly, and cover him with soil.

The instructions for the exact position of St Joseph are a bit murky, but many suggest that he be buried facing the home, since the intention is to have him watch over the sale process of the home.

4. Be sure to unearth him once the home is sold!

The final step is that a Seller should be sure to unearth your St Joseph statue once the sale is complete. Some say that if the statue remains in the home, the home will become stuck in a state of disharmony for the owners.

Want To Purchase A St Joseph Statue To Bury For Good Luck When Selling Your Home?

Whether you’re a home Seller or Realtor (Listing Agent) who wants to gift a St Joseph statue to your home Seller client, here are some great gift-worthy options for purchasing one. These are inexpensive, but are nicely packaged for a Real Estate use (without being overly religious).

St Joseph Statue To Bury – Best Option For Sellers

This option includes a small ‘prayer card’ which also contains instructions for burying your statue.

This option is great for your own use, but is not packaged as well as the next option if you are wanting to give this to a Seller client.

St Joseph Statue To Bury – Best Option For Realtors / Listing Agents Who Want To Offer This As A Gift To Their Home Sellers

This option is the perfect St Joseph statue home sale kit for Agents and Realtors hoping to gift this to a client / home Seller. This is also a great way to help home Sellers mentally recover after a deal falls apart.

This kit is beautifully packaged, with the specific use of Real Estate clearly highlighted on the package. This makes a great gesture as a gift for home Sellers before you begin the formal sale process.

Want To Use A St Joseph Statue To Sell Your Home, Without A Yard? A Modern Alternative To Burying A St Joseph

Here’s a modern alternative to burying a St Joseph statue, for Sellers and Agents wondering how you can use St Joseph for the sale of a property that doesn’t have a yard to bury him in:

St Joseph Candle – Modern Alternative to using a St Joseph statue

Agents and home sellers may wonder how they can call upon St Joseph for blessings in their home sale process, when they don’t have a yard to bury a statue. This modern alternative to a St Joseph statue is a great option for homes that don’t have a yard!

This St Joseph Candle is the perfect modern gift idea for a home Seller. It will wish them well with their home sale process, before the process starts!

This beautiful soy candle can serve the same purpose and ritual practice for a home Seller as burying a St Joseph. This gorgeously packaged candle makes a beautiful gift for a home Seller, and comes with a prayer card for use by a home seller who doesn’t have the ability to bury a statue in the yard (think condo properties, etc.)

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