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Welcome to The Real Estate Cohort, where you’re sure to find intelligent insights on the Real Estate topics that matter most to Agents. Browse a wide range of curated Agent-focused topics, find tips and tools pertinent to your business, and create some plans for your future along the way!

Regardless of what phase your Real Estate business is in, we have the content for you.

From learning the ropes as a new agent, to planning a retirement strategy after a long and successful career in Real Estate (and everything in between!), we’ve got you covered. The Real Estate Cohort is an online resource dedicated to topics that address the unique needs and pain points of running a Real Estate business.

co·hort: 1. a group of people banded together or treated as a group
2. companion or associate is an online resource for Realtors, and we’re so glad you’re here! Explore our content – it’s filled with agent-centric topics, tips and tools pertinent to your real estate business, and resources designed to help you plan thoughtfully for your future.

Browse all posts, or link by subject matter using our menu categories.

New Agents Page – where I share specific business topics and tools that are useful as you’re getting your real estate business started… everything from how to structure your business for tax purposes, to learning how to budget commission-style paychecks and everything in between.

Investment Properties Page – where I share information to help you attract more investor clients, rental property and landlord topics as well as resources for your own real estate investments.

Retirement Planning Page – where I share resources to help Agents learn ways they can create their own retirement plan. Without the typical retirement benefits that come with careers in the corporate world, Real Estate Agents need to be especially forward-thinking about their retirement planning, and we’ve got all sorts of resources and tools to help you tackle your planning process!

Agent Blog – where I share general business topics for Real Estate Agents. You’ll find everything from tips for the best professional headshots, to a curated list of the best real estate closing gifts, to advice on how to manage your income to plan for taxes after you leave the closing table.

Thanks for being here! I invite you to dive in, share your feedback, and enjoy.

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