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Modern and Memorable: Real Estate Client Gifts For A Happy Closing

We’ve rounded up some of the most useful, thoughtful and unique client Closing Gifts for Real Estate Agents. Browse the suggestions below for inspiration, and find the perfect gift to wish your Buyers and Sellers well at the closing table.

Closing on a home is the culmination of so much time and effort. It’s truly a time to celebrate, so don’t let your closing gift be an after-thought… make it memorable, no matter your budget!

It’s easy to run out of closing gift ideas, especially if you’ve been in the Real Estate business for a number of years. We’ve curated a list of items that are sure to brighten an already exciting day (and keep them thinking of you long after the closing table)! We truly hope it’s helpful – and we know your clients will appreciate these… whatever your budget.

Statement Real Estate Closing Gifts For Luxury Clients

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Closing Gift Idea #1– Tineco iFloor 3 Wet/Dry Vacuum – My #1 Closing Gift Pick for Luxury Clients

[Cordless Vacuum + Mop In One]Say Whaaaaat?

I realize that a vacuum might not feel like a go-to closing gift. But hear me when I tell you that the Tineco iFloor3 is NOT just a vacuum. You should know that this little machine changed my life. It’s really that good.
This cordless magic maker takes the place of sweeping, using a dust pan or handheld vacuum, and wet mopping the floor. It actually does it all at once – and it’s cordless, so cleanup is a breeze.

Especially useful on tile and hardwood floors, the iFloor3 will be the cleaning tool your clients didn’t know they were missing. And they’ll tell everyone, “My Realtor gave it to me!”. My prediction? They’ll thank you for years to come if you introduce them to this magical machine.

While you’re at it… you should just order one for yourself, too.

My home has darker wood floors that show everything. All the pet hair, dust bunnies and dirt vanish in a quick pass, and the light mop action leaves the floors clean, with just the right amount of water so it dries quickly on hardwood surfaces.

Why we love it: Easy to use, easy to store (purchase includes a charging station that neatly docks the accessories), and Tineco’s cleaning solution has a fresh, light scent and dries without streaks, even on dark floors! And if you don’t believe my sentiments, there are loads of 5-star reviews on Amazon to back me up. I’m telling you… it’s pure magic!

Of Note: This tool makes keeping up on your floors *dare I say* fun! There is a slight self-propelled action, so it’s truly easier than ever to keep up on your floors, especially with pets and kiddos around!

Pair It: If you want to add an extra… pair it with some refills of the Tineco cleaning solution.

Closing Gift Idea #2 – Bose Soundlink Portable Indoor/Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

For a technology lover or outdoor enthusiast, you can’t go wrong with this waterproof Bose speaker. I personally own two of this model, and we’ve used them extensively for music in the backyard, as well as when we travel, camp, etc. This particular speaker has tons of 5-star reviews, and Bose is a name you know you can trust for quality sound.

Not everyone is an Alexa fan (and Sonos has started making Alexa built-in on many of their models), so this wireless speaker is a nice, Alexa free alternative for quality indoor/outdoor bluetooth music. It’s easily controlled from your phone or device (just pair via bluetooth).

Why we love it: This speaker is super easy to use, and it’s compatible with any music service (just pair your device with the speaker via bluetooth). It’s waterproof (we’ve had ours at the beach many times), and it holds a nice long charge for travel.

Of Note: Includes a microphone, in the event that you’re using it with your phone and need to take a call. Bose advertises a clear calling speakerphone capability, and 30 foot wireless range.

Closing Gift Idea # 3 – Solo Stove Ranger 2.0 Smokeless Fire Pit

What better way to celebrate a new backyard than with a bonfire setup? This Solo Stove is specially designed to minimize smoke, for the most enjoyable backyard fire pit experience. This popular size is highly rated, doesn’t take up a large amount of space, but allows you to easily move it around/store it, at only 15 pounds.

If you have Buyers landing in a new home with a great backyard, this is a no-brainer. This modern fire pit is sure to be a favorite, and central to many gatherings and new memories. It feels like the perfect luxury closing gift!

Why we love it: Highly rated and beloved, the Solo brand is one you can count on for quality and great design. This sleek and simple design will integrate with any style.

Pair With: This is a substantial gift on its own, but if you’re looking for extra (or specifically hoping to please kiddos), consider pairing with this marshmallow roasting set and s’more ingredients! Bonus: these also work for roasting hot dogs!

Real Estate Client Closing Gifts

top client closing gift under $150

Closing Gift Idea # 4 -Ceramic, Non-Stick (Toxic-Free!) Everyday Pan by Caraway

If you’re looking for a gift that will stand the test of time, this Ceramic, non-toxic, everyday pan by Caraway is highly rated, and is sure to please any chef. A new home kitchen is the perfect occasion to upgrade a favorite pan, and this one comes in a variety of modern colors. Too many of us are cooking on old, toxic, (and maybe even flaking) non-stick pans.

This gift will be appreciated for both its aesthetics and it’s safety.

Why we love it: Moving into a home is the perfect time to upgrade to a quality piece of timeless piece of cookware! This doesn’t have to match an existing set… it’s the perfect everyday pan to work for the majority of recipes, and serve as a standalone piece of cookware. It looks great on the stovetop, and will performs well enough to make the recipient think of you each time they pull it out.

Of Note: This works well in any kitchen, regardless of cooktop style. This pan is compatible with gas, electric and induction cooktops, and is also oven safe!

Pair It: If this isn’t substantial enough alone, pair it with your favorite cookbook (keep scrolling for more info on ours)!

Closing Gift Idea #5 -Blueair Modern Bedroom Air Purifier

So many situations in our environment make this a great Closing Gift for your real estate clients. Construction dust? Seasonal wildfire smoke in the area? New baby on the way? Homeowners with allergies? Not-so-savory smells lingering from a previous homeowner?
Your clients will put this modern, ultra quiet air purifier to good use, no matter the reason you choose it.

Why we love it: Feeling comfortable in a new home includes things you can’t see… like the air quality. Help your clients settle into their space by ensuring that toxins and odors are locked away silently with this whisper quiet air purifier. We purchased ours during the peak wildfire season, to deal with smoke particles and odor… and we loved having the moving air and filtration during the pandemic.

Of Note: With multiple speeds, this machine can move some serious air… but it’s so quiet, you won’t even know it’s running! Remove allergens, pet dander, dust, smoke, and odors from the air quickly and quietly. Blueair advertises their Goodhousekeeping Awards for this model – so you can rest assured it’s a reliable purchase.

Closing Gift Idea # 6 – Mesa Tabletop Solo Stove w/ Stand – For Urban / Small Outdoor Spaces

This mini Solo Stove is perfect for the homeowner with a smaller outdoor space. Get all the joy of a fire pit (heat, roasting capability, ambiance), but in miniature form. This is the exact size you need to finish off an outdoor dinner with roasted marshmallows / s’mores.

Why we love it: This tabletop stove is the perfect way to extend the season of your outdoor dining space, with heat in a 2 foot radius for the tabletop. Fueled by pellets or wood, this is a great option for clients who are shorter on space. Comes in a variety of colors so you can choose the perfect shade to compliment your client’s space.

Pair With: This is a substantial gift on its own, but if you’re looking for extra (or specifically hoping to please kiddos), consider pairing with this marshmallow roasting set and s’more ingredients!

Token Real Estate Client Gifts (or Closing Gift Basket Item Ideas)

-Saint Joseph Scented Candle w/ 50 Hours Of Burn Time

If you’re looking for a consumable gift that will last longer than a food or flower type of gift, this Saint Joseph aromatherapy candle is substantial (we’re talking 50 hours burn time!), and it’s the perfect price point for a gift basket item, or for an affordable real estate closing gift.

This beautiful Saint Joseph candle is perfect for hard-to-shop-for clients, with a delicate, yet satisfying scent. This candle makes a modern, stylish, and meaningful closing gift.

Why we love it: In case you don’t know, Saint Joseph is the Patron Saint of Real Estate, and your clients will think of you every time they light it. The packaging is gorgeous, and the gold lid makes it feel a bit fancy, yet understated. It’s something you wouldn’t necessarily splurge on for yourself, which makes it a lovely gift to receive.

Of Note: It has an Italian prayer coin embedded into it, which feels like the perfect touch when you’re wanting to send someone along with well wishes in their new home. Even better, it’s available via Amazon Prime (for all you last-minute shoppers out there).

Pair It: This candle would be lovely in a gift basket with a small live plant or succulent and a wooden cutting board, all of which would display nicely together on a kitchen island or counter top!

Half Baked Harvest Cookbook by Tieghan Girard

A classic hardcover cookbook will have a long shelf life in your client’s kitchen. If you choose wisely, it will become a part of their day to day routines, and they’ll think of you every time they pull it out to cook that ‘favorite recipe’.
Leave a sweet inscription inside the cover, and you’ve got all of the aspects of a thoughtful closing gift for your real estate client covered, and it won’t even break the bank!

This title from Tieghan Girard (if you’re not following Half Baked Harvest on Instagram, you’re missing out!) is a best seller, and it’s as beautiful as it is filled with tasty receipes!

Why we love it: Tieghan’s recipes are a step above the every day, so these meals feel special, and will feed a crowd. They’re likely to become go-to entertaining favorites!

Of Note: These recipes can be adapted for dietary needs, and when you pair this book with the reader questions and tips you can find on her social accounts, your clients will thank you for introducing them to the Half Baked Harvest world!

Pair It: This book would be lovely in a gift basket with a small live plant or succulent and a wooden cutting board, all of which would display nicely together on a kitchen island or counter top!

14oz YETI Insulated Mug w/ Handle + Magnetic Closure Lid

For your work-from-home Buyers, this is sure to take the title as their favorite coffee mug! Double insulated, and substantial in size at 14oz., this is a versatile mug will see them through the day.
From hot coffee or tea for their morning conference call, to keeping their after work happy hour cocktail chilled while they enjoy drinks on their new front porch

This particular mug is the perfect size, holding substantially more of your favorite beverage, with the comfort of a handle.

Why we love it: Multiple colors, if you want two (make it a gift for a couple!), and they’re long lasting, yet affordable at around $30/each.

Pair It: This mug would be lovely in a gift basket, paired with some local teas or coffee beans.

And psst.
Since I know you’re here because you’re headed to a Closing, can I ask you a personal question?
I don’t mean to pry, but what are your plans for your commission check?
I invite you to take a look at this article about the best type of retirement account for Real Estate Agents, and maybe you’ll be motivated to deposit a bit toward your future.
FWIW: We think it’s just as important as keeping your real estate clients happy with awesome closing gifts!

Did you try one of these items as a closing gift? Let us know how it was received by your clients by leaving a comment below!

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