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Real Estate Cohort Blog: Business Topics For Real Estate Agents

Finally! A Blog Specifically For Real Estate Agents!

You have enough to keep track of in your real estate business – so we’re curating content on the business topics that matter the most to Realtors.

When it comes to running a Real Estate business, Agents are generally flying solo. Your brokerage provides support for marketing, local resources and hopefully some great technology… but what about all the other decisions Real Estate Agents have to make?

As Agents, we’re faced with all sorts of business decisions! They come at us from the moment we get started in this business, and many before we ever sell a house. Branding. Logos. Marketing. Websites. How to legally structure our businesses. Tax and commission planning. Budgeting. Cash Flow constraints. How to set goals for our business. The list is long…

Don’t face it alone! I’ll be working hard to bring you content that will have a positive impact your day to day business, and more importantly… your bottom line.

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