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Surprise! There’s No Built-In Retirement Plan For Real Estate Agents


Retirement for Real Estate Agents is a topic I care deeply about, and it’s a damn shame that our industry doesn’t provide more benefits for us in this area. I am a long-time Realtor with a background in Finance. I’ve had a great career.

But I don’t think I’m alone when I admit that I don’t want to have to work this job forever. I’d like to have the option of stepping back one day.

I’m guessing you’re an Agent too (or another self-employed type)… and you’ve landed here because you’ve found yourself reflecting on the idea of retirement. Are you ready to do more than skim the surface? Maybe you wonder if it time to make your own Real Estate Agent retirement plan…

I’ll tell you a secret. It’s time. I can assure you that you’ll never wish you started later than right now.

Perhaps you’ve been plugging along building your Real Estate biz for some time now, and your age makes this something you can no longer ignore. If so, the stakes are even higher for you.

If you happen to be a newer (or younger) Agent, and you’re already digging into the details of your retirement planning, you’re smarter than me! You’re WAY ahead of the masses to be considering this sort of thing so early in your career. Retirement has always been on my radar. But I didn’t really dive into it until my 40s. Oops.

Wherever this finds you along the retirement planning path, one thing remains true: the typical safety nets around retirement that exist in the corporate world simply aren’t there for us Real Estate Agents. Most of us were aware of this pitfall when we got into the business, though many of us don’t give it much thought until far later than we should.

A Real Estate Agent Retirement Plan… Is It Possible?

YES, it’s possible! But true retirement for you as a Real Estate Agent depends entirely on whether YOU have made a plan.

Even if you think you’ve been preparing, chances are there are things you aren’t considering. This site is intended to serve as a ‘retirement for Agents’ resource. Here, you’ll find resources and detailed information for every stage of the retirement planning process.

The Real Estate industry is teeming with coaching programs. There are lead generation programs, pay-for-lead systems, scripts to follow and social media marketing companies aplenty. I can’t think of another industry that has as many different coaching options as we do in Real Estate.

But sadly, when it’s time to figure out how to structure our Real Estate businesses, or attempt to plan a “traditional” retirement… the industry leaves us high and dry.

Do You Want To Retire One Day? What’s Your Plan? Have You Even Thought About It?

Regardless of how far off it is, it is essential that you make a plan. It all begins with the way you are handling your everyday business practices, so the good news is – you can start today. The structure of your business, the way you handle your commissions, your approach to taxes, and where you are saving money are just a few of the day-to-day decisions.

These decisions may seem relatively insignificant, but in sum, these decisions can make or break your retirement strategy. It’s a lot to untangle.

Successful planning requires the right framework for your business and income. In fact, a whole section of this website is dedicated to the subject of Retirement Planning for Real Estate Agents. You need a plan for every dollar that comes your way. There are so many topics to examine in greater detail, and that is precisely what I hope to explore over time on this site.

The retirement planning process has become a full-time obsession for me. It’s taken a great deal of time and energy, and unfortunately it has also come with a lot of wasted time and some wasted money, too. Hopefully you can avoid my mistakes.

As a Realtor, I’ve been obsessed with creating a plan for my own retirement. I hit major burnout during the boom of 2021/2022 and I needed a light at the end of the tunnel. Creating a retirement plan became that light. I needed to know that I wouldn’t have to do this forever.

I’ve identified a number of tools that make the retirement planning process simpler to manage. I look forward to sharing them with you as we dive into the details. Putting the right tools and strategies together is invaluable when it comes to beefing up your retirement strategy and setting yourself up for success. I’m here to share what I’ve learned.

Creating a Real Estate Agent Retirement Plan IS possible, and you might even find that you can reach your goals sooner than you ever thought possible.

Now that is something to get excited about! We’ll explore these ideas together, and trust me, I have a LOT of thoughts on the topic. Like I mentioned, I’m a nerd like that.

And I’m so happy you’re here.

This is a good place to begin reading.

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