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Nearing Retirement? Consider How You’ll Fill Your Time Post-9-To-5

As many Retirees will tell you, how you choose to fill your time in retirement is a major factor in terms of how well you transition to this new life phase. It’s incredibly important to begin testing the waters with new hobbies, volunteer work, or passion projects. Doing do ahead of actually leaving your job will ensure that your transition is a smooth one, and that you have something to retire to.

We have a few ideas (and resources) for you to consider, if you’re looking for some ideas to keep you busy once you’re not working full time any longer.

Host Parties + Gatherings For Friends and Families

Spending more time with friends and loved ones is one of the things that many retirees look forward to the most. But if you’re the only one retiring, you may find that it’s harder than you think to make plans with those you love.

That’s why we like This website is worth a look if you need some inspiration for hosting gatherings, theme-party style! Filled with tips and specific resources for SO many different theme parties, this site will help you brush up on your hosting skills, and will help you find the inspiration for a great gathering, regardless of the time of year!

Check them out – it’s a great resource for hosting inspiration as well as for ideas on what to wear, and gift ideas… if you happen to be invited to more gatherings now that you have extra time on your hands in retirement!

Take Up A New Hobby Like Pottery!

If you haven’t seen the new hit show: The Great Pottery Showdown, then you’re missing out! This incredible potter-face-off TV show is incredibly entertaining, and also makes you want to play in the clay.

Pottery and ceramic arts are an incredible hobby, and it’s something that accessible for all ages (so it’s a great activity to do with others, regardless of their age!) Invite a friend, bring your son or daughter or the grandkids! Everyone will enjoy this hobby, and many public recreation centers or arts centers are open to the public and offer access to pottery classes and kilns for firing your projects.

Look into it! If you’re inspired, you can even start your own home studio – or dive into the details of clay, kilns and the tools of the trade at

If you’re curious about clay, or have ever thought about investing in a potter’s wheel or kiln for a home potter’s studio… we think you’ll love this site!

Pick Up A New Sport / Activity To Keep You Outdoors + Active!

With all the extra time on your hands in retirement, you’ve got to make a true effort to stay active and fit! We have a great resource for you that will help you do BOTH!

If you’ve ever wondered about a sport or activity that you’ve yet to take up… check out! This site has covers a wide range of sports and activities that require some physical effort (so that means they will help keep you in shape!) From beginner tips to recommendations for the right gear and attire for various sports, you’ll find the inspiration to try something new… maybe even several things!

You’re sure to find some good ideas for new hobbies to consider (regardless of the season), and also regardless of your skill level. We hope you check them out!

Enjoy More Sophisticated Happy Hours!

Sharing a drink with friends is a great way to build your network and keep in touch with people over time. If you need some inspiration for a happy hour, you might enjoy the recipes and drink ideas at Spritz Lovers.

This Aperol Spritz recipe is a crowd pleaser, and is super easy to make. Try something new (and trendy), and it might become a new favorite!

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